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Relationships Advice or Tips

Relationship Advice or tips

When it comes to advise on relationships, there are a lot of different opinions out there. Some people will tell you that the key to a successful relationship is communication, while others will say that it's all about compromise. 

The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to advise on relationships. 

What works for one couple might not work for another, and what works in one stage of a relationship might not work in another stage. 

The best thing you can do is to try out different things and see what works for you and your partner. experiment and find out what works for you. And don't be afraid to ask for help from a professional if you're struggling.

Advice or Tips

1. If you are at fault, accept full responsibility

Advice 1

It's crucial to accept full responsibility for what happened and to recognize how your behavior impacted your partner if there has been adultery or a breach of trust.

Avoid becoming defensive or denying your error, but also avoid becoming self-critical. Own it in a loving manner that makes room for the beginning of trust-building.

2. Never Take Advice About Women from Another Women

Advice 2

A woman says she wants a “kind, loyal, hardworking gentleman” but she ends up dating an abusive deadbeat. 

Or a woman gives you her number, but she never calls. 
Or a woman acts coldly towards you, so you stop giving her attention only to receive angry texts about why you’re ignoring her. 

Learn the lesson if you haven’t yet: Women NEVER say what they want. At least they can never articulate it truthfully and honestly, this is not necessarily done maliciously. 

My question to you is, how many times have you heard a woman say that she wants a kind gentleman who wines and dines her, only to find that she ends up with the complete opposite. 

Women have an idea of what they think they want, BUT what they are actually attracted to, is a different thing entirely.

3. Never Listen to Your Friend's Dating Advice

Advice 3

Getting dating advice from your friends is not a good idea either. 

Why not? 

Because your friends will tell you what they THINK is best for you. 

They won’t necessarily tell you what WORKS. 

So as a basic rule, only get advice from friends whose relationships you want yours to be like. Otherwise, thank them for their advice but trust your gut.

4. Do Not Complicate Things

aadvice 4

Coach Corey Wayne suggests you follow the “3 H’s” of dating: 
  • Hang out 
  • Have fun 
  • Hook up 
That’s it. Have all three elements in place, and you’re doing it right.

5. Don't Lay Out Your All Cards

Advice 5

Be mysterious. Be a puzzle she needs to figure out. The more mysterious you are about your true intentions, the more attracted she’ll be to you. 

In 2011, the University of Virginia showed a large number of college women in a random set of four male students. Then each woman was told that: 
  • Some of the guys in the photos liked her a lot; 
  • Some of the guys liked her a little; 
  • And some of the guys liked her either a lot or a little. (In other words, they weren’t sure.)
 Do you know what the researchers found? 
  • The women were least attracted to the guys who liked them a little. 
  • The women were more attracted to the guys who liked them a lot. 
  • The women were MOST attracted to the guys whose feelings they couldn’t figure out. 
As it turns out, when a woman doesn’t know whether you like her a little or a lot, she’ll wonder about you more. The more she wonders, the more attracted she feels to you. 

So, don’t lay out all your cards in the beginning. Don’t rush the process and do not vomit up your feelings for her prematurely.

6. Check Yourself

dvice 6

Do YOU complement your ideal woman? Do you two go well together? 

Or would people look at you and think, “Wow she could do a LOT better”? 

Here’s the catch. You must BE the kind of person you want to attract. And that means having all the good “must-have” qualities you listed and having NONE of the deal-breakers you listed. 

So be honest now. What “must-have” qualities do you NOT have that you need to cultivate? And what “deal-breaking” qualities do you have that you need to kick?

7. Identity the Kind of Relationship You Want

Advice 7

Do you want to be married with kids? 

Or do you want an exclusive long-term relationship, but with no kids? 

Or do you want to stay single and “date around” with as many women as you can practically handle? 

Or do you want something in between? 

You can’t have it all. Choose the kind of relationship you want and stick to it. 

You can change your “ideal kind of relationship” later. But you can’t do even that unless you choose one now. So take your pick.

What Women Really Want?

Women want

What is the solution to our urgent question now that you are aware of where NOT to seek dating advice? What are women's REAL desires? 

You once more look to science to provide a trustworthy response. 

Psychology has discovered that women have three essential requirements in life during the past century and more: 
  • To feel economically secure 
  • To feel physically safe 
  • To feel psychologically secure 
Making a woman happy for the rest of her life is as simple as "basic algebra." If you can make her feel all three, she will love you forever; if you can't, she will just see you as one of many alternatives, probably not the best one.

Thank You For Reading✌🏻

Love Is Always With You❤️

Have A Great Day😊


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